Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Deputy Global Research Director

Tom joined Gavekal in 2014 from the South China Morning Post, where he wrote the newspaper’s flagship daily Monitor column analyzing business, finance and economics in Hong Kong, China and the wider world. Before joining the SCMP in 2005, Tom enjoyed a varied career, including as a presenter on CNBC, contributing editor at the Wall Street Journal and lead foreign exchange analyst for Dow Jones during the Asian crisis. He originally started his working life as an exploration geologist, until a collapse in commodity prices forced him into journalism as the traditional refuge of the otherwise unemployable.

Tom Holland's Articles

Selected research

From Discord To Deficit
1 Jun 2023
It is a sign of the discord among the Opec+ oil producers that the cartel is not inviting reporters from key media organizations to its gathering in Vienna this Sunday. Saudi Arabia’s call for stricter discipline and further production cuts to support prices are meeting resistance from Russia—which the Saudis suspect has been failing to make the “voluntary” cuts Moscow announced earlier this year.
Strategy Monthly: Through A Glass Darkly—The Oil Market Outlook
Despite April’s promised production cut from the Opec+ oil producers’ cartel, the oil price has been soft in recent weeks. Tom Holland argues as demand increases, supply is likely to be constrained, with the balance of risk for oil prices to the upside.
Video: The Outlook For Oil Prices
21 Apr 2023
The Opec+ petroleum exporters’ cartel is cutting back its crude production and China's reopening evokes memories of how previous Chinese rebound drove oil demand. But is that the case today? Tom weighs the conflicting forces driving oil demand and supply, and assesses the outlook for prices over the remainder of 2023.