Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Deputy Global Research Director

Tom joined Gavekal in 2014 from the South China Morning Post, where he wrote the newspaper’s flagship daily Monitor column analyzing business, finance and economics in Hong Kong, China and the wider world. Before joining the SCMP in 2005, Tom enjoyed a varied career, including as a presenter on CNBC, contributing editor at the Wall Street Journal and lead foreign exchange analyst for Dow Jones during the Asian crisis. He originally started his working life as an exploration geologist, until a collapse in commodity prices forced him into journalism as the traditional refuge of the otherwise unemployable.

Tom Holland's Articles


A Short History Of Long Yen Rallies
16 Jan 2023
History, we are told, does not repeat, but it does rhyme. This rhyming scheme is particularly strong when it comes to the Japanese yen—which makes Friday’s break downwards in the US dollar-yen exchange rate through ¥130 worth special attention.
Evaluating The Fusion Promise
14 Dec 2022
The successful proof-of-concept fusion experiment at the US Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is neat physics, but the promise of commercial fusion energy will remain 20 years in the future for many decades to come.
The Hong Kong Dollar’s Easy Trilemma
“There is no such thing as a fixed exchange rate system,” Joseph Stiglitz once said. “It is only a question of how often it changes and with what suddenness.” You might have thought he had the euro in mind. But Stiglitz was actually talking about the Hong Kong dollar’s peg to the US dollar.