Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Deputy Global Research Director

Tom helps to steer Gavekal’s global research, with a special focus on energy markets. Before joining Gavekal in 2014 he worked as an analyst and commentator at media organizations including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and the Far Eastern Economic Review, earning his spurs as the lead foreign exchange analyst for Dow Jones during the 1997-98 Asian currency crisis. He originally started his working life as an exploration geologist, until a collapse in commodity prices forced him into journalism as the traditional refuge of the otherwise unemployable.

Tom Holland's Articles

Selected research

The Energetic Danse Macabre
8 May 2024
The next Opec+ meeting is still more than three weeks away on June 1st, but already the preparatory dance has begun. At the end of June, “voluntary” Opec+ oil production cuts of some 2.2mn barrels per day are due to expire. The first job for the export cartels’ ministers when they meet in Vienna will be to decide whether or not to roll over these reductions until the end of the year.
Honestly, Why Bother With Sanctions?
25 Apr 2024
The US imposed sanctions on Iran’s oil exports in 2018, after Donald Trump withdrew from the six-power Iran nuclear deal negotiated under Barack Obama. However, under Biden enforcement has been relatively lax. Tom examines the new US sanctions regime on Iranian oil and the impact on the oil market.
How High Will The Oil Price Go?
4 Apr 2024
With the Opec+ cartel reiterating on Wednesday that it will maintain its current production targets through June, prevailing market sentiment has reversed sharply since its mid-December trough. But just as the oil market was excessively bearish going into the end of 2023, is sentiment now overly bullish? How high is the oil price really likely to go?