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  • Charles Gave

    Charles has been researching tactical asset allocation for over forty years. In 1986, Charles stepped away from pure research to move into money management. He co-founded Cursitor-Eaton Asset Management where he was chief investment officer, managing over US$10bn of institutional money on a global asset allocation mandate. Cursitor was sold in 1995 to Alliance Capital and Charles remained with Alliance Capital until 1999. At this time, he elected to go back to his first love: research on tactical asset allocation. He left Alliance Capital to create Gavekal where he is the chairman. Charles is married and has four children and eight grandchildren.

  • Anatole Kaletsky

    Anatole Kaletsky is founder and co-chairman of Gavekal Ltd, an economic consulting and asset management group based in Hong Kong, and a principal contributor to Gavekal Research. He is also a columnist for Reuters and the International Herald Tribune and chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, a $150m foundation created to reform academic economics after the 2008 crisis. His recent book Capitalism 4.0, on the post-crisis transformation of the global economy, was nominated for the 2011 Samuel Johnson Prize. Before founding Gavekal he worked for 30 years as an economic journalist and commentator on the Financial Times, The Economist and the London Times.

  • Louis-Vincent Gave

    Louis left Paribas in 1999 to launch Gavekal Research with Charles Gave and Anatole Kaletsky in London. In 2002, Louis left the London office and returned to Hong Kong; the idea at the time was that Asia was set to become an ever more important factor in global growth and that, consequently, Gavekal needed to offer its clients more information, and more ideas, relating to Asia. Since then, Louis has been living in Hong Kong from where he oversees Gavekal’s money management business. Nonetheless, Louis contributes episodically to the research.

  • Arthur Kroeber

    Arthur co-founded the China-focused research service Dragonomics in Beijing in 2002 and is the editor-in-chief of China Economic Quarterly. Since Dragonomics' 2011 merger with Gavekal Research he has been head of research for the combined operation. Before founding Dragonomics, he was from 1987 to 2002 a journalist specializing in Asian economic affairs, and reported from China, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. He has published widely in newspapers, magazines and academic journals, and is a fellow of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center in Beijing.

  • Pierre Gave

    After a stint in the army, Pierre launched his career in 1998 as a financial analyst at a venture capital firm in Stockholm, before joining Gavekal in 2001. He was responsible for the construction and maintenance of the firm's financial models, writing the daily reports, and monitoring macroeconomic developments. Pierre meets regularly with Gavekal Research clients and speaks at our investment conferences, as well as contribute to the firm's research efforts. Not being American, Pierre is quite the polyglot, proficient in Swedish, English, French, Danish, German, and some Spanish. He is married with two daughters.