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About Gavekal Research

Since 1999, Gavekal has offered discerning investors the most creative research on global macroeconomics, financial markets, and asset allocation.

What makes us different

Independent research for independent minds
In a world overloaded with information, we provide intelligent insight that enables our readers to hone in on the trends that really matter, and ignore the noise.

A free market in ideas
There’s no “house view” at Gavekal. We believe the best ideas come from honest disagreement and open debate. We hire smart people and let them write what they think. When we disagree, we let our clients know, and explain why.

The Asian angle
Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have front-row seats for the rise of China and the shift of economic power from West to East.

Clients come first
We get many of our best ideas from our clients. Constant contact with our readers—through email, conference calls and seminars—keeps our thinking fresh and relevant.

Macro services

Gavekal Research

Global macro/markets research that identifies asset allocation opportunities created by the gap between economic reality and market perception. Core coverage areas include the US, Europe, China and the other major Asian economies.

  • The Daily highlights the most important economic or market event of the day
  • Ideas pieces (2-3 per week) hone in on long-run themes and trends
  • Strategy Monthly distills our ideas into portfolio strategy recommendations

Gavekal Dragonomics

Market-leading insight on China’s economy, politics and fast-changing society

  • China Ideas pieces (2-3 per week) highlight key economic and political events
  • Thematic chartbooks (6 per year) analyze the long-term trends in China’s consumer, property, and financial markets
  • Deep China reports (4 per year) delve into the ways China is changing the world through its rising technological, financial and geopolitical power

China intelligence

Gavekal Fathom China

Subscription, syndicated and customized research on Chinese corporates

  • Fathom Profiles: Subscription service offering detailed reports on 15-20 Chinese mid-cap companies each year
  • China Chips: Subscription service offering high-frequency coverage of China’s fastmoving semiconductor industry
  • Merger research: Syndicated service providing high-frequency monitoring of Chinese regulatory action on international M&A deals
  • Custom research: Analysis or monitoring of a company or sector, with project scope defined by the client

What our clients get

Concise, timely research reports
Gavekal Research: 7-10 reports per week
Gavekal Dragonomics: 2-3 reports per week

Complimentary seminars
Our partners and analysts present at client seminars twice a year in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Stockholm, and once a year in 6-8 other cities.

Partner/analyst access
All research clients can access partners and analysts via email and website comments.
Advisory clients may schedule conference calls or office visits at their convenience.

Here are some samples of our research:
Goldilocks And The Ten Grizzly Bears — by Anatole Kaletsky
What's Really At Stake In The US-China Rivalry — by Arthur Kroeber
The Savings Glut’s Long Life And Slow Death — by Will Denyer
A “Once In A Generation” Shift — by Charles Gave”

Price levels

Basic subscriptions include research reports and seminars, for up to 10 users.
Advisory subscriptions additionally include meetings/conference calls, and more users.

To start a trial, or obtain more detailed pricing information, please contact Steve Miller.


Charles Gave

Founding Partner, Chairman

Charles has been active in macro research since 1971. Until 1995, he was CIO of Cursitor-Eaton Asset Management, where he managed over US$10bn of institutional money. In founding Gavekal, he returned to his first love, research on tactical asset allocation. Charles is the author of five books.

Anatole Kaletsky 

Founding Partner, Chief Economist

Anatole worked as a financial journalist at the Financial Times, The Economist and the London Times before joining with Charles and Louis to found Gavekal. He is chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and his book Capitalism 4.0 was nominated for the 2011 Samuel Johnson Prize.

Louis-Vincent Gave 

Founding Partner, CEO

Before co-founding Gavekal, Louis- Vincent worked for Paribas Capital Markets. In 1996-97, he served in the French Mountain Infantry Division as a Second Lieutenant. He studied history, economics, and Chinese at Duke University. He is the author of three Gavekal books, most recently Too Different For Comfort.

Arthur Kroeber

Founding Partner (Dragonomics), Head of Research

Arthur has worked in Asia since 1987, first as a financial journalist and then as a founder of Beijingbased Dragonomics, which merged with Gavekal in 2007. He is adjunct professor at Columbia SIPA and the NYU Stern School, and author of China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know

Pierre Gave

Parner, Head of Sales

Pierre launched his career in 1998 as a financial analyst at a venture capital firm in Stockholm before joining Gavekal in 2001. He built and maintains most of Gavekal’s financial models, and oversees the firm’s global sales effort.

Matthew Forney

Principal, Fathom China

After arriving in China in 1993 Matthew became an award-winning business journalist for Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal and the Far Eastern Economic Review. He has over a decade of experience investigating Chinese companies and their executives.