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About us

Gavekal offers two research services focusing on macroeconomics and markets.

Gavekal Research provides daily commentary on global economies and markets. The focus is on delivering original, investable ideas based on an analysis of both current data and long-term economic trends. The service includes:

  • The Daily, a short note analyzing the single most important issue investors must face each day.
  • Ideas, a series of longer notes analyzing trends in global economies and markets.
  • Strategy Monthly, a concise presentation updating our key views on all major economies and markets.

Gavekal Dragonomics offers detailed fundamental analysis of China’s economy, social and political developments, and international impact. Subscribers receive two to three reports each week, ranging from comments on the latest data releases to in-depth analyses of macro-economic, sectoral and political trends.

Subscribers to both services are invited to our client seminars, held twice yearly in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong, and annually in other locations. Advisory level clients additionally enjoy direct access to our partners and research analysts through meetings and conference calls.