• About Us

    Gavekal Dragonomics is Gavekal's economics and markets research unit. The Global Service provides research, analysis and opinion on global macroeconomic and market trends. The China Service provides in-depth fundamental analysis of economic, political and social developments in China. Our primary clients are asset managers, other financial institutions, and the strategy departments of multinational corporations. We have 25 analysts and partners working out of major offices in Hong Kong and Beijing, and satellite offices in London, Paris and Copenhagen.

    We publish a wide range of reports (on average 8-10 per week), ranging from topical commentary to in-depth investigations:
    • The Daily gives our quick take on the most important news of the moment.
    • Ideas pieces, published 3-5 times a week, present deeper economic and market insights based on thorough research.
    • Five Corners, published every two weeks on Wednesday, briefly updates our views on the global investment environment.
    • Growth & Markets Monthly, a chartbook, concisely updates our proprietary models and indicators, and reviews key investment themes.
    • Thematic Chartbooks, published a few times a year, present detailed analysis of major themes and trends.
    • Quarterly Strategy Chartbook synthesizes our main economic and market views and provides an easy-to-use roadmap for tactical and strategic investment decisions
    • China Economic Quarterly is a wide-ranging and authoritative survey of the latest developments in China, combining in-house research with guest contributions from our global network of China experts.

    All research subscribers receive complimentary admission to Gavekal Investment Seminars, where partners and analysts present our latest research in an interactive format. Seminars are hold twice yearly in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong, and annually in selected other cities in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

    A distinctive feature of Gavekal Dragonomics is the high level of personal contact between subscribers and our partners and analysts. Research subscribers are encouraged to comment on our work, either by email or directly on our website, and we respond to all comments with 48 hours. Subscribers to our premium Advisory level (available for both the Global Service and the China Service) enjoy personal access to partners and senior analysts several times a year via face-to-face meetings or conference calls.

    Gavekal Dragonomics combines the operations of two predecessor firms: Gavekal Research (founded by Charles and Louis-Vincent Gave and Anatole Kaletsky in 2000) and Dragonomics Research (founded by Arthur Kroeber and Joe Studwell in 2002).